Waseda University

Waseda – AIU  Online Conference


Room 713, Building No. 9, Waseda University

April 24, 2015

Langage : English



Part 1: Administrative conversation on collaboration

Amako invite Geremie to attend the Postwar 70 Years open memorial symposium “What kind of Asian will we create in the future through the dialogue of history ?” (tentative title) which is scheduled on July 18 2015 in Tokyo. The workshop is focused on relationship between Japan, China and Korea, however welcome Geremie to give a talk from view of Australia. Amako will provide more information about the workshop.


Part2: “Commemorating the seventeenth anniversary of the end of the pacific war”

10:40-10:50 Geremie’s talk
10:50-11:00 Amako’s talk
11:00-11:20 Panel Discussion
11:20-13:00 Free discussion



Australian Centre on China in the World ,The Australian National University

Geremie R. Barmé, Centre Director

Benjamin Penny, Deputy Director

Richard Rigby, Associate Director



Waseda Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies
AMAKO Satoshi , Professor

SHINOHARA Hatsue , Professor

NAKAJIMA Seio  ,Associate Professor