Waseda University

Taiwan’s Bid to Join TPP, AIIB, and “One Belt, One Road.”



Speaker:  Dr. Linjun Wu  (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)

Discussant:  Prof. Rumi Aoyama  (Waseda University)

Moderator:  Prof. Shujiro Urata   (Waseda University)



Date: December 7th (Mon), 16:30pm-

Venue: Waseda University 19th Building, Room 713

Admission Free



The lecture discusses Taiwan’s prospective membership and the external and internal challenges to join regional economic integration projects such as US-Japan led TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and China-led AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) which supports its OBOR (“One Belt, One Road”) strategy. She argues Taiwan’s participation in these institutions would not only encounter domestic divergence but also invite a power struggle between China and the US., thereby likely pulling Taipei into a great power confrontation. Nevertheless, membership would be beneficial for Taiwan’s regional standing.



Speaker’s Profile

Dr. Linjun Wu is a research fellow/Professor, Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University/ International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies, Taipei, Taiwan. She teaches courses such as International Political Economy, China and Regional Economic Integration, Asia-Pacific Economic Integration and International Politics of Southeast Asia. She received B.A. from Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, Taiwan, and M.A. in International Studies from University of Oregon, USA, and Ph.D., in Government and International Studies, University of South Carolina, USA. Her recent publication includes Tuning up Asia-Pacific Regional Economic Integration (Taipei: Hung Yeh, 2015), “AIIB, OBOR and Taiwan’s AIIB Bid,” Prospect Journal: Taiwan Forum, Vol 16. No 4. O