Waseda University

Joint Workshop on Selected China-Related Topics

by the East Asian Institute (EAI) of the National University of Singapore and Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies of Waseda University




Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Venue: 6th Floor Conference Room at EAI (Singapore)


9 am – 9.15 am -
Opening Remarks by Prof ZHENG Yongnian (EAI) and Prof Rumi AOYAMA (WICCS)


9.15 am – 10.45 am -
Session 1: Domestic Issues in China

Chair: Lance Gore, Senior Research Fellow, EAI

1) Re-imagining Civil Society in Contemporary Urban China: Actor-Network-Theory and Chinese Independent Film Consumption by Seio NAKAJIMA (GSAPS, Waseda University)

2) Voyage without Navigation: China’s Politics under “New Normal” by Masaharu HISHIDA (Professor, Hosei University)

3) China’s Growth Prospects by Sarah Y TONG (EAI) Each speaker to speak for 15 mins Q and A Session (half hour)


11 am – 12.30 noon – Session II: China’s Diplomacy and International Relations

Chair: Seio NAKAJIMA (GSAPS, Waseda University)

1) China’s Grand Strategy as a Rising Power by Rumi AOYAMA (Waseda University)

2) Selected ASEAN Perspective on China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative by LYE Liang Fook (EAI)

3) Cultural Factors in China’s Foreign Relations by Takeshi UEMURA (The University of Niigata Prefecture.) 4) China’s Provision of Public Goods by WU Xiaoping (EAI)

Each speaker to speak for 15 mins Q and A Session (half hour)


1.45 pm – 3.15 pm – Session III: China-Japan Relations

Chair: Zhang Feng, Research Fellow, EAI

1) Chinese Intellectuals’ Perception on Japan’s Right-tilting by ZHENG Cheng (Waseda University)

2) Political Survival and the Yasukuni Controversy in Japan’s Relations with China: The Abe Case (2012-15) by Mong CHEUNG (Waseda University)

3) Japan and China in Central Asia: A Comparative Study by LIM Tai Wei (EAI) Each speaker to speak for 15 mins Q and A Session (half hour)


3.15 – 3.45 pm – Closing Remarks End of workshop