Network of Contemporary Chinese Studies

China at the Crossroads:

Challenges and Opportunities under the New Leadership

International Workshop

Conference Room 1, 3/F, Ibuka Masaru Memorial Hall

Waseda University, Japan

October 14, 2013

Sponsored by National Institutes for the Humanities Program (NIHU), Japan



Conference Program


10:00   Opening Speech (Satoshi AMAKO, Waseda University)

Moderator:  Mong CHEUNG (Waseda University)


10:15-12:30  Session 1: Challenges and Opportunities in the Political Arena


Moderator: Masaharu HISHIDA (Hosei University, Japan)

●  Lei GUANG(University of California, San Diego, USA) : Petitioners, Protest and the Local States in China.

●   Xiaobo Lü (Columbia University, USA): Corruption, Social Media and Regime Legitimacy in China

●   Zhiyue BO (National University of Singapore, Singapore):  China’s New Leaders: Characteristics and Pathways

●   Elisa Nesossi (Australian National University, Australia):The Relationship among Law, Justice and Politics under the New Leadership: Change and Continuities

●    Tomoki KAMO ( Keio University, Japan)

-Roundtable Discussion


Lunch Break


13:45- 15:45 Session 2: Challenges and Opportunities in the Social- Economic Arena


Moderator: Kai KAJITANI (Kobe University, Japan)

●    Yong WANG (Peking University, China): Economic Thinking and Reform Strategy of China’s New Leadership

●    Ding LU(University of the Fraser Valley, Canada): China Slowing Down to avoid the Middle Income Trap

●    Yukyung YEO (Kyung Hee University, South Korea) Institutional Complementarity of the Party’s Discipline Inspection in China: The Case of Key SOEs (gugan qiye)

●    Tomoo MARUKAWA (The University of Tokyo, Japan): China’s Self-entrapment into the Solar Energy

-Roundtable Discussion


Coffee Break


16:00- 17:45 Session 3:  Challenges and Opportunities in the Foreign Affairs Arena


Moderator: Rumi AOYAMA (Waseda University, Japan)

●    Bih-jaw LIN (National Chengchi University, Taiwan) : Looking Beyond 2016: China and Cross-Strait Relations

●    Mike Mochizuki (George Washington University, USA): China-Japan Relations during the Hu Jintao era: the Domestic-International Interactive Dynamics.

●    Yasuhiro MATSUDA ( The University of Tokyo, Japan):

-Roundtable Discussion



17:45 Conclusion : Akio TAKAHARA ( The University of Tokyo, Japan)



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